About Us

Full Service Exterior Solutions

IMG_1248Southeastern Michigan Sealants is your total exterior solution. Offering unsurpassed quality and expertise in exterior restoration of churches and commerical buildings, stone repair, brick facades, masonry and more. We are your certified experts for installation of waterproofing systems for buildings, parking structures, stadiums and other concrete structures. We make sure we are the leader in our region in offering you the latest technologies, materials and installation methods for waterproofing concrete.

Call us today at 586-783-8840 if your building is in need of:

  • Commercial joint sealant
  • Commercial tuckpointing
  • Commercial coatings (acrylic or polyurethane)
  • Masonry sealer
  • Stone replacement
  • Epoxy flooring
  • General restoration

In our 28 years of serving our customers, SMS has developed a reputation for extremely high quality, responsive work among our client companies. Our customers have come to depend upon us to do “value engineering” in our work for them, suggesting innovative approaches to their restoration projects that offer increased effectiveness and efficiency. Many of our customers have come back to us again and again, which we think means they trust us and depend upon us. We have proved, again and again, that we can be nimble, adapting quickly to meet changing conditions, subcontracting only when needed to meet customer requirements. Over 90% of the work we do every year for our customers is done by our own full-time permanent staff, not outside contractors.